From strategy to implementation

  • In need of support to get your company ready for a fast changing market?
  • Clear vision on the future of your business activities, but insufficient capacity to manage implementation?
  • Strategic thinking power or financial support needed to define and secure the future of your company?

Change and create value

Change gets things moving. The right changes in your business model, organization or people will make the difference. Change4value offers you support aiming at value creation. From strategy to implementation. Through interim management or consultancy. If needed in combination with venture capital or an investment in management capacity in exchange for a shareholder position.

“Managing change processes is an activity that I have been doing professionally throughout my whole career of over 20 years in the international trade and service industry. Meanwhile, I use my experience, knowledge and business network as entrepreneur through change4value. On every occasion, it’s a challenge to guide companies to the next stage.” – Mike van Emmerik